​For over 20 years, MARCUS VINER has pioneered filmmaking for top-flight fashion, music and theatre productions. Among the countless premium brands and the biggest names in entertainment, Marcus has directed coverage for many huge events worldwide.

This experience has earned Marcus a reputation as one of the leading directors in his field. He’s renowned for bringing fresh flair and creativity to a production, but also for building relationships with clients, believing they and their needs come first. It’s what makes Marcus see these films as more than mere documents. He’s forever striving to give the audience a real sense of the energy, excitement and atmosphere of the event, while looking to offer a point of view and experience that is even greater than being there themselves.

Marcus is someone who prides himself on being hands-on, with every aspect of a project, from pre-production through to final delivery. This lets him see a project from every angle, meaning he’s able to anticipate situations and deal with them quickly. This also allows Marcus to deliver a vision that is both comprehensive and unique, making the most of tight budgets, schedules and logistics.

As a director, Marcus understands that a production is only as good as the sum of its crew. That means building the right team for the job is a high priority for him. So is fitting in with the wider production and having the smallest possible footprint.

Finally, Marcus, known for his calm and collected manner, believes a director’s attitude sets the tone for the production around him. The results show how being cool under pressure brings out the best in everyone, especially when you’re working with large teams to deliver a single vision.



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